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  • Shake to Clean

    Fill the case with water, remove your cup, give it a little wipe down, pop it in the case and get shaking!

  • Funnel Drainage

    Drain the water with the funnel end to avoid accidentally loosing your cup down the loo!

  • Sterilisation

    You can also use our case to sterilise the cup between cycles, just place your cup in, fill with water, leave the lid off and pop it the microwave for 3 minutes!

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Derived from 'ἐλευθερία', eleutheria, an Ancient Greek term for, and personification of, liberty. Eleutheria was also an epithet for the goddess Artemis

Meet the Founders

Monica Wai (left) and Kira Goode (right), met studying innovation at the University of Bristol and conducted research to understand why more people weren't using the menstrual cup.

They found cleaning in public toilets and sterilising in shared living spaces to be the two biggest barriers and so developed their product to solve both of these user problems in one simple solution.

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